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Thursday. 12.28.06 12:17 am
and im taking my loverboy with me! <3
yaaayyy! =D
im so excited!

hopefully my headaches go away
and that it's good weather tomorrow =]

i love disneyland!

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Saturday. 11.18.06 12:31 am
finally! a break from all my stress!
he's finally gonna come visit me in a few hours! <3
well he should get here around 12 ..which is in another 12 hours but hey! lol!

well this semester's almost over!
im so excited!
too bad there's still finals and papers and a speech to worry about =(
and too bad i'm not gonna get to go after-thanksgiving shopping with my mom as usual =(

i cant wait until christmas!
i love christmas!!!
i love the spirit of it all!
i keep seeing commercials about it and im like
"ahhh! christmas!!!"
how i love it!
the birth of Jesus! =D

i guess that's all i have to say.
see yah later folks! ;)

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school does not get any better
Wednesday. 10.25.06 4:24 am
freaking a.
i thought i was almost relieved from doing all my work. but it turns out i did the wrong thing. i didnt get my teacher's email until like awhile ago and he said he postponed the reading we were supposed to do today ..er yesterday i guess cuz we didnt have class on monday. and instead we're supposed to think of research topics on wealth&poverty.
that is too broad for me. i dont know what kinda questions he wants!! i dont even understand what we were supposed to read. i dont care what adam smith and karl marx thought!
i dont understand government and economics!!!!
im not a business or politics major!!!
shit. get me out of heeere!!!
he's killing me. he really is.
written&oral communication is the WORST class ever!!!
im hopeless and helpless.
im going to fail. -_-
i dont understand a damn thing in that class.
and i bet im going to do my impromptu tomorrow ..er later since it's already 1.28am.
school sucks. college work is gay.
and i cant wait till i graduate again!
i hate school.

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Monday. 10.23.06 2:07 am
means a lot of reading.
and a lot of writing.
i hate my written&oral class.
first sem is almost over!
too bad there's still plenty that needs to be done.
cant wait till december! =]
goodbye nutang love (:

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Sunday. 8.27.06 12:08 am
im actually on my own.
i've been at usf for a little over a week now.
well i think this semester's gonna be super hectic!
im scared! >.< like forreals.
to many reading and writing classes!
literature. physiology. psychology. written & oral comm.
im gonna die! X_x
oh well.

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Tuesday. 7.18.06 9:57 pm
soo its been awhile again!
and welll! ...i jes got my new housing information for USF!
its so crazy!
i cant believe the day is slowly approaching!
so crazy!

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